Currently COVID-19 vaccinations are available to Utahns aged 65+ and 18+ with underlying medical conditions approved by the State of Utah.
These medical conditions can be found here.


You are now eligible to receive your COVID vaccine if you are:

  1. 65 years of age or older

  2. 18+ with underlying health conditions approved by the State of Utah (which can be found here)

 Please scroll down this page to schedule your appointment 

If you have had COVID-19, we recommend you wait 90 days before receiving your vaccine.

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You must use a different email address for each person that you are scheduling, if two people share one email address, please make sure to put both names in the name field each time you register. Note, they will still need two appointments, one for each of them.
See the example below:

Appointment 2-with Jane’s info
John & Jane Doe
Jane’s date of birth
Jane’s phone number

Appointment 1-with John’s info
John & Jane Doe
John’s date of birth
John’s phone number

If you have already received your FIRST dose, please DO NOT schedule your SECOND dose here. Please check with the office that you received your first vaccine from, about when to come in for your second dose. You DO NOT need to schedule it online.

Begin scheduling by choosing your preferred location below

Verify your appointment was scheduled correctly

Appointments fill very fast, so make sure that after booking your appointment you see the confirmation page, this verifies the appointment date and time, and verifies that you have made your appointment correctly. If you get an error message, instead of a confirmation page, that means the time you selected has already been filled. If this happens, choose a new appointment time and schedule it. Additionally, check your email for your confirmation. If you do not see a confirmation, please check your junk mail box in your email.

Documents for Vaccination

Client Information Sheet
Please print and bring to your appointment

Vaccine Fact Sheet
DO NOT need to print, this is for your information

What to expect at your vaccination appointment:

  • You should print the vaccination forms HERE and bring them prefilled out to your appointment.

  • You will receive a vaccination card or printout that tells you what COVID-19 vaccine you received, the date you received it, and where you received it.

  • You should receive a paper or electronic version of a fact sheet that tells you more about the specific COVID-19 vaccine you are being offered. Each authorized COVID-19 vaccine has its own fact sheet that contains information to help you understand the risks and benefits of receiving that specific vaccine.
    Moderna fact sheet
    Pfizer fact sheet


  • You should stay at the place where you got vaccinated for 15-30 minutes after you get the vaccine to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction that needs medical attention.

  • It’s normal to have mild to moderate side effects a few days after getting a vaccine.

  • You should get two doses of the vaccine unless a healthcare provider or your doctor tells you to not get it. 

  • It takes time for your body to build immunity and protection after any vaccination.

Other partners administering the COVID-19 vaccine locally

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