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Southeastern Utah Medical Reserve Corps

Most of us take the comforts of everyday living for granted. We have clean running water, flushing toilets, heat and AC, and fresh food. What happens when disaster strikes? Are you prepared? Preparedness is overlooked and rarely thought about until there is an emergency. Learning how to be self-sufficient and being able to help others in emergencies and disasters may not only save your life but the lives of your loved ones, friends, and neighbors. A great way to learn about preparedness and being ready when disaster strikes is the Medical Reserve Corps.

What is the Medical Reserve Corps? The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was created after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In the wake of the attack on our country, the American people wanted to stand up and help in any way. There were thousands of volunteers and volunteer management was a struggle, as a result MRC was born.

MRC is an organization of individuals that are medical professionals and support personnel. In the Southeast Utah MRC (SEUMRC) jurisdiction, the team takes a heavy support approach and specializes in critical areas that are often forgotten about until disaster strikes. The team is composed of medical and non-medical personnel with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The newest facet of the SEUMRC is a communications team that is split into two groups. The first group is a team of individuals that are multilingual, that can assist in time of a large disaster or a single patient needing care. The second group is HAM radio operators that can operate their own equipment to aid in communication or fill positions in health care facilities to provide redundant communications with other healthcare and public safety partners. The teams are still in infancy stages and small, SEUMRC is always in need of quality volunteers.

Medical Reserve Corps is a great way to learn about personal preparedness and community preparedness. Teaching our volunteers how to be self-sufficient and prepared for emergencies and disasters is a key to a good team. If you are looking to learn about preparedness and serve your community, MRC is the place for you.

For more information or to sign up for SEUMRC visit or call Zack Wise at 435-637-3671.


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