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Preparing for Inflation and Navigating Uncertain Times

Living in the picturesque regions of Carbon, Emery, and Grand counties in Southeast Utah comes with its share of unique joys and challenges. As the seasons gradually shift from the warmth of summer to the crisp embrace of fall, and eventually into the winter's cold grasp, it's important for us to not only consider the changing weather but also prepare for rising inflation, political uncertainty, and economic burdens that might lie ahead.

As the leaves start to change and the air grows crisper, we are reminded that change is the only constant, and this sentiment holds true in matters beyond weather. Rising inflation, influenced by a complex interplay of economic factors, are affecting the cost of living at an alarming rate, making it essential to be financially prepared. Consider educating yourself about the root causes of inflation and its potential consequences. Awareness is the first step towards adjusting your budget and making informed decisions for your household. During economic uncertainty and the ever-present threat of inflation, adopting a mindful approach to daily expenses takes on new importance. Like carefully attending to a garden, this practice involves nurturing our financial well-being with thoughtful consideration. By consciously evaluating each purchase, we shield ourselves from the subtle erosions of inflation that can accumulate over time. Every deliberate decision, whether it's choosing quality over quantity or opting for necessities over wants, becomes a proactive step in safeguarding our financial stability. Just as a well-tended garden flourishes even amidst changing weather, our financial resilience grows as we cultivate a heightened awareness of our spending habits. Many of people I work with daily have taken on two or even three jobs to provide for their families. A solid repository of resources can be found on our website here:

Additional education on the reasons driving inflation is important. Things that I try to do when considering continued increase in cost of basically everything: Maintain an emergency fund. This is crucial for my family in buffering against unexpected financial setbacks. A new water heater caught us off guard this summer, but thanks to this fund we were able to manage it. As mentioned above budgeting wisely allows us to track our income and expenses, helping us identify areas we can cut back on and save more. Being able to prioritize the difference between essential and non-essential is important. Another area we are being very cautious in, is investments. While it is a great way to grow wealth, it also carries risks, especially during uncertain times. We are also focusing on self-sufficiency, doing more DIY projects, reducing reliance on external resources.

The shifting political landscape also brings its own set of uncertainties. Staying informed about local and national politics can provide insights into potential policy changes that might impact our community. Participating in community discussions and engaging with local advocacy groups empowers you to voice concerns and contribute to decisions that shape your region's future. This is the best way to influence the bigger picture. If you aren’t attending city council or county commission meetings, you can usually read their notes online or read an article or two from ETV, the Moab Times Independent, or the Moab Sun News. This at least enables you to stay up to date on current projects.

Life in Southeast Utah demands a blend of preparedness and adaptability. As we enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons, we also need to keep an eye on the shifting economic and political climate. By staying informed, possibly diversifying income, and actively participating in our community, we are not only bracing ourselves for challenges but also contributing to the resilience and strength of our communities.


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