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One Kind Act a Day

What happens if every day, you do a kind act for someone? What happens if that person then does a kind act for another person? Do you see the trend? The world could become such a kind place, and it starts with just one person. Kindness is a language that breaks down barriers, connects hearts, and creates a ripple effect of positivity.

The idea of one kind act a day came from On their site they say “It does not take much to be kind, but it is worth making a commitment. Whether you make a personal pledge, or become a partner, you can do at least one kind act a day to make the world a happier and healthier place. That would be powerful.”

Throughout the past year, SEUHD Facebook and Instagram pages have had and will continue to have an idea for a kind act each Saturday through the end of 2023. This is a weekly reminder to each and every person in our communities to do their kind act and help spread happiness and kindness. Remember, kindness is not about grand gestures; it’s about genuine concern for others. 

Personally and professionally, I am challenging each and every one of you to spread kindness and do a kind act daily. Let’s see how positive we can make our communities this holiday season by starting these kind acts this afternoon! Whether it’s shoveling someone’s driveway, adopting a pet from a shelter, or simply giving someone a high five, each act of kindness contributes to a kinder world. Kindness is contagious, so let’s spread it around!


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