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Holiday Eating!

Thanksgiving is over, but we still have a few Holiday Feasts ahead!

Even if you are not diabetic and especially if you are, here are some tips and tricks to outsmart the upcoming feasts and stay on your meal plan:

Did you know it takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you are full? Here’s the trick for this one: Make a small plate of your favorite foods and eat slowly so that you feel full when your plate is empty. This will make it so you will not be as likely to go back for seconds.

Move away from the buffet table once you fill your plate so you are not tempted to go back for more. Start by eating vegetables to take to take the edge off your appetite.

Did you know that alcohol can lower your blood sugar? It is best to avoid or limit your alcohol intake, especially if you take medication. Ask you doctor if your medication needs to be adjusted.

No food is on the naughty list, just be sure it is a small serving and count it in your meal plan.

Don’t forget your secret weapon, KEEP MOVING!

With your plate full, being active is a secret weapon. It reduces blood sugar and stress. Get moving with family, friends or by yourself and don’t forget to take a walk before or after that holiday feast. You can split it up into small 10-minute chunks several times per day if you like. Use a favorite workout app or find one you like on YouTube for inside activities.

Below is a great hack for the Holidays and every day.

Don’t forget to get enough zzz’s. Sleep loss can make it harder to manage your blood sugar.

You can also go to for some healthy ideas, recipes, and more.

Most of all Enjoy the Feasts!

Stay Healthy My Friends.


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