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Helping Our Counties

We at Southeast Utah Health Department wanted to learn more about the health of our community, so we developed a community health survey. We set out to determine both physical and mental health concerns our residents had. Surveys were randomly sent to 5,401 households in July 2021. With the results of the survey, the health department is looking to establish new and innovative ways to help Carbon, Emery & Grand Counties. We will repeat this survey in the future to determine what efforts have helped and where there is still room for improvement.

Each county reported high rates of physical illness, mental health concerns, and addiction problems. Below is a brief table on those findings. The rates shown are per 10,000 people and are compared to the U.S. average. Those in bold are significantly higher than the U.S. average.

While every county has areas to work on, the Southeast Utah Health Department feels passionate about being able to make significant change in our communities. Our mission is to “Assist the residents of our communities to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness”, by conducting a community health survey and analyzing those findings, we can begin to achieve this goal.

Click HERE for the full report.


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