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A Bolder Way Forward

A Bolder Way Forward, a strong coalition that is essential for the success of any community-focused endeavor. It allows for the pooling of resources, expertise, and diverse perspectives, creating a more comprehensive and effective strategy to address the needs of women and girls in Carbon, Emery, and Grand Counties.

A Bolder Way Forward is adopting a holistic approach, recognizing that the collective impact of various elements working together can be more powerful than individual efforts. By filling the spokes of the wheel with expertise and engaging various stakeholders, the initiative is well-positioned to create positive and impactful change.

Empowering women and girls to achieve better outcomes aligned with their wants and needs is a crucial step towards fostering inclusivity, equality, and overall community well-being. The holistic perspective, with a focus on relationships and collaboration, suggests a comprehensive strategy to address the diverse challenges and opportunities faced by women and girls of Utah.

Having Prof./Dr. Susan R. Madsen as the key leadership behind A Bolder Way Forward, indicates a strong commitment to promoting leadership and empowerment for women and girls. As the Inaugural Karen Haight Huntsman Endowed Professor of Leadership and Director of the Utah Women & Leadership Project at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, Dr. Madsen brings significant expertise to the initiative.

Dr. Susan R. Madsen’s background and role in starting coalitions within each county in Utah highlight a strategic and thoughtful approach to the mission. The Utah Women & Leadership Project, under her leadership, plays a pivotal role in providing research, resources, and support for the broader mission of A Bolder Way Forward.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved in A Bolder Way Forward Coalition, please contact:

Brenda Addley    

Amy Schmidt-Peters

Christina Pay             

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