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Men's Health

June is Men's Health Month



Hypertension isn't a setting on a torque wrench.  High blood pressure is a big deal.  Of the 70 million Americans who have hypertension, almost half do not have the condition under control.  That means that many of us are at increased risk for strokes and heart attacks, and that isn't doing a bit of good for our families.  Get checked, eat less salt, and be more physically active.


Don't be a Weekend Warrior!  Monday....sitting.  Tuesday.....sitting.  Repeat ad nauseum.  But, come Saturday, you are ready to do all the things you miss by sitting in a chair all week long.  Let the fun and games begin?  If you are only active on the weekends, you are asking for an injury.  Stay active all week long to lower your risk for injury, increase your energy, and decrease your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes.  http://choosehealth.utah.gov/your-health/physical-activity.php.


Men die five years earlier than women, on average.  So time to man up and get involved in Men's Health Month.  Visit a doctor, or encourage a friend.  Wise up on all the facts available for men.  http://www.menshealthresourcecenter.com.


Game of Bones

Osteoporosis is coming.  Okay, so that may not be the Stark family motto, but the start truth is that men are not excused from having weakened bones.  Every time you participate in activities that involve supporting your body weight, like walking, running, playing basketball, lifting weights, etc., your body makes your bones stronger.  Strong bones make for a longer, healthier life.  So, get off of your....couch....In this game, you either win, or you end up with a hip fracture.  


Men's health is a family issue.  It affects wives, mothers, daughters and sisters.  Ladies, Show Us Your Blue and help the men in your life eat healthy, exercise and visit the doctor for Men's Health Month.


Men, listen up:  We struggle at going to the doctor.  Women go twice as much and end up living five years longer.  So get it in gear during Men's Health Month and Show Us Your Blue.  


Oh Kale No!  Kale yes!  As the dwarves in The Hobbit said, "I don't like green food...."  The guys in your family have probably said something similar.  So, come on guys, there is much more to a good meal than a rack of ribs.  Expand your food intake to include those "green things" you see on other people's plates.  Your family is counting on you!


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