FOOD SERVICE FORMS and Permit Applications for Environmental

Health Facilities

Annual food permits are renewed every January.  Fees are determined by the number of seats in the food establishment.  Download the form to renew your permit or pay for a new establishment.  You may email Environmental Health Director Orion Rogers at for instructions on cost for number of seats.  Please return to Southeast Utah Health Department at P.O. Box 800, Price, Utah, 84501.

Temporary Food Service (3 day), Tanning Bed, Body Art (Tatoo, Piercing), Cosmetology, Swimmng Pools/Spas, Mobile Food Service, Seasonal Food Service (180 day), Food Service, Used Oil, (DEQ, LHD Contract), Tire Hauler, Tire Recycler, Landfill, Liquid Waste Hauler, Infectious Waste Hauler, Solid Waste Hauler, Public Lodging (Hotel/Motel) 

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