Some don't get back up

About 12,000 peopel die each year as a result of falls in the home, yard, or at work.


In the real world when you take a fall, you can't always jump up, brush yourself off, and go on as nothing happened.  This is especially true as one becomes older.


As aging occurs, physical changes increase the likelihood of a fall and the seriousness of the consequences.  Among those older than 85 years of age, 1 of every 10 falls at home produces a hip fracture.  Of that group, 20% dies within six months after the fall.  The survival rate of an elderly person who breaks a hip is small.  


Becoming aware of the problem and taking some precautions can significantly increase your chances of having a productive year without falling!


Outside Prevention
  • When walking out of doors, watch for steps that may be overgrown with weeds or grass.

  • It takes only a few seconds to move debris, trash, weeds, or other items in your path.  If they cause you a fall, you may spend several months recovering.

  • Sawdust thrown on top of an oily substance spill will help absorb the material.  Sweep it up quickly, then clean floor with detergent and water.  Don't let grease or oil buildup accumulate in your garage or other places people walk.  

  • Throw sand on icy walkways during the winter.


Inside Prevention
  • Keep your floors clear of clutter, garbage, and other debris.

  • Clean up spill right away, to avoid slipping on them later.

  • Keep your walkways clear and well lit.  Turn your lights on early in the evening to help you see clearly.





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