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Onsite Wastewater Systems

Onsite wastewater systems are privately owned personal sewer systems that are installed on private land to serve individual homes and businesses in areas where public sewer is not available. A permit and plan design approval is required.

Onsite Waste Water Application

Soil Analysis Requirements

OFFICIAL NOTICE: Southeast Utah Health Department will no longer design onsite wastewater (septic) systems beginning January 1, 2022.
(Permit and inspection still required)

Official Notice



Regular food service inspections are required during which licensed inspectors work with food service establishments and the individuals who work in the food service industry in an effort to protect the patrons they serve from the transmission of food borne illnesses.

All Individuals that work in food establishments that handle the food being served must obtain a Utah Food Handler Permit. Permits are obtained after successfully completing an in-person or on-line state approved training course. All food service establishments must acquire a permit from SEUHD and adhere to all applicable rules. 


All persons working in a food establishment must complete a food handler course.

A list of approved food handler courses can be found here.


All food establishments must have a minimum of one Food Safety Manager, who must register with the local health department.
Please click here to register your Food Safety Manager certification.

A list of approved food safety manager courses can be found here.

Application for permanent food service establishments can be found here.

Application for temporary food service establishments can be found here.

Food Establishment Regulation

Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application

Enforcement Policy



Think you got sick from something you ate? Don't let it go unknown. Let us know by answering a few questions and reporting it.

To report a foodborne illness please go here.**

**The information you report through this website is safe, secure, and confidential!
Your report is automatically sent to the appropriate Local Health Department, and only authorized Utah Department of Health and Local Health Department representatives can access it. Information you provide will not be shared with restaurants or any other third parties.


Water Lab

The Southeast Utah Health Department Water Lab is located at the Price office and is operated by SEUHD staff. The lab provides water testing services to private well owners, public drinking water systems, public swimming pools and recreational water bodies.

Drinking Water

​​All water systems serving more than 25 people, more than 60 days out of the year, or those having 8 or more connections are required to register with the Utah Division of Drinking Water and adhere to all applicable rules.

Swimming Pools

All swimming pools or spas serving 4 or more units are considered public swimming pools and must acquire a permit from SEUHD and adhere to all applicable rules

Application for public pools permit can be found here.

Public Pool Regulation

Public Pool Interlocking Verification Form

*(12) Notwithstanding Subsection R392-302-3(1), all pools must comply with Subsection 16(12) by January 31, 2023. All chemical feed systems must include two layers of interlocking protection for a low or no flow condition so that the operation of the chemical feeders is dependent upon the operational flow of the main circulation system. The functionality of the interlocking shall be verified by the operator and documented to the local health department.

This interlocking shall be accomplished through an electrical interlock consisting of both:

(a) A flow meter or flow switch at the chemical controller; and

(b) Chemical feeders wired electrically to the circulation system.

This may include the use of a differential pressure switch, a pump power monitor, or other suitable means.

I hereby affirm that, I an individual with knowledge of pool interlocking, or someone else with knowledge of pool interlocking, have inspected all pool/spas/interactive water features at the facility and can verify that the required interlocking layers of protection are in compliance with Utah Rule R392-302.

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Body Art
& Tanning

Body Art

Body art includes tattoo,  permanent makeup, microblading and body piercing facilities. These facilities require a permit as well as routine inspection by health department staff. All body artist must complete an approved blood borne pathogen course and must register with the health department.

Application for body art facilities can be found here.

Body Art Regulation


All tanning facilities are required to obtain a permit from SEUHD in addition to their county/city business license.

Rule R392-700. Indoor Tanning Bed Sanitation

Application for tanning facilities can be found here.



All lodging facilities including short term rental properties are required to obtain a public lodging permit from SEUHD in addition to their county/city business license.




Burn Window

Open burning is a source of air pollution that is regulated by the Division of Air Quality (DAQ). There are statewide rules in place that regulate open burning activities to help minimize emissions and ensure that the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are met. Recent modifications to these rules change the open burn periods and include a statewide requirement to obtain a permit from the local county or municipal fire authority prior to burning.

To see your local burn requirements and to apply please go to the following sites:

Regulations for Residential Open Burning

Burn Permit Application



& Policies



Body Art

Public Pool Regulation

Food Enforcement

Food Service Regulation

Adjudicative Hearing Procedures


Fee Schedule

2020 Fee Schedule

2019 Fee Schedule




Radon DEQ Release 2021


Register your Food Safety Managers Certification


R392-101-7-4, " (4) Food safety manager certifications are effective for three years from the date the applicant receives documentation of a passing score from the testing organization.


The full rule can be found here.

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Pool Operator Registration

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