COVID Testing and Reporting Update 8/5/2022

Due to decreases in serious illness and hospitalizations, the SEUHD is reducing the amount of COVID testing that takes place at the health department and changing the scope of what is displayed on our website. It will be similar to how we track influenza hospitalizations and deaths. This change is necessary because inexpensive, at-home tests are widely available. The results of these tests are not reported, which leads to skewed case counts and inaccurate community-wide infection rates. At the present time, we are still offering tests on a case-by-case basis and distributing free at-home tests upon request until we exhaust supplies.

If someone does test positive, we recommend a 5-day quarantine or quarantine until symptoms have resolved. However, this guidance may differ by person. For example, if you are immunocompromised or work in a healthcare setting, you may need to quarantine longer. If you are exposed to COVID-19, we recommend you closely monitor for symptoms. If you have been exposed and develop symptoms, please consult with your healthcare provider. If you are caring for or have a household member who is at risk (immunocompromised, older, organ transplant recipient, multiple underlying health conditions), SEUHD recommends you take more precautions such as wearing a mask, isolating longer than 5 days, and/or getting tested if you aren’t experiencing symptoms.

Please note: If you feel sick, please stay home! Even if you test negative for COVID-19, you may have a different infectious disease like influenza or strep. 

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