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The AAP also recommends that you don't buy or use a car seat that: 

  • is too old, which generally means that it is more than 6 years old, although you should check the manual or call the manufacturer for a specific expiration date for that particular model of car seat.

  • has visible cracks, is missing parts, or does not have the instruction manual.

  • doesn't have a label with the date of manufacture and model number, so that you can check to see if the car seat has been recalled.  Then, of course, don't buy or use the car seat if it has, in fact, been recalled.

Since you likely don't want to get a used car seat unless you can find one that is in very good condition (never recalled or in a moderate or severe crash and hasn't expired), you might have to look for other ways to save money on your child's car seat, such as:

  • buying a new, out-of-date or discontinued model.  Old models are often discounted once the latest models begin to appear in stores.

  • shopping in advance for your car seat so that you can find a bargain, instead of waiting until the last minute when you absolutely need the car seat for your new baby or older child who has outgrown their old seat.

  • look for coupons or rebates for a new car seat or booster seat.

  • find a car seat assistance program that sometimes provide car seats to families in need, such as Safe Kids USA, some hospitals, and some local health departments.

Remember it's the Law to Boost Your Child 'Til 8

Utah's law now states that children under the age of 8 or 57 inches must be in a booster seat.  This law is designed to protect young children in the event of an injury.


To read more about the requirements you can download questions and answers designed to help parents and caregivers better understand their responsibility under this new law.


For more informaiton call 435-637-3671

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death of children ages 1-14.


With this in mind the department has focused the majority of its efforts in child passenger safety, by providing regular passenger safety classes.  These safety classes are focused on the proper use of child restraints; car seats, booster seats, and safety belts.  parents and caregivers are taught how to ensure installation and use of child passenger safety.  This training will help answer the following questions:

  • What child restraint system is right for my child?

  • How do I adjust a child restraint system to properly fit my child?

  • How do I properly install a car seat in my vehicle?

  • What is the safer system to secure my child's car sea, using the anchor or the seat belt?

  • How long should my child be in a booster seat?

Your baby's car seat is one of the most important baby products that you will buy.


It can also be one of the more expensive, especially when you consider that you may have to buy two or three car and booster seats before your child actually graduates to just sitting in seat belts.


That expense may tempt some parents to want to buy a used car seat or used booster seat at a garage sale, thrift store, or even on ebay.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that many thrift stores sell hazardous products, including children's products, such as unsafe used baby cribs and infant car seats that have been recalled.


If you are going to buy a used car seat or used booster seat, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that you avoid the used car seat unless you know the car seat's history.  This is very important because car seats should not be reused after they have been in a moderate or severe crash.  Reusing a car seat after a car accident is often okay if it was just a minor crash though.





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